Does the Central Virginia Rotary Club Help People Experiencing Homelessness?

The Central Virginia Rotary Club is devoted to aiding those in need, particularly those facing homelessness in the Central Virginia area. Butch has been a part of the Blue Ridge Mountains Rotary Club since 1995, including as president. The Central Virginia COVID-19 Response Fund granted hundreds of grants to local non-profit organizations due to the collective generosity of community members in the Richmond region and beyond. Ernie is a member of the Charlottesville-Albemarle Bar Association; of the Virginia State Bar Association, where he served on the Board of Governors of the Military Law Section; of Veterans of Foreign Wars, where he served as an officer in Post 1827; of the Virginia Gators swimming club, of which he was president for six years; and ParaDerest, a veterans services organization of which he is currently president of the board of directors. The Central Virginia Rotary Club offers housing relocation and stabilization services and short- or medium-term rental assistance to help homeless people or families move.

Susan started a tutoring program for preadolescent girls, Learning Circles, in two boys clubs of 26 percent girls in Central Virginia, in partnership with the Charlottesville Youth League. Central Virginia Continuum of Care (CVCoC) is a coalition of agencies, nonprofit organizations, congregations and individuals working to end homelessness in Central Virginia. In the early days of Pathway Home, its founder and CEO, Fred Gusman, a social worker and mental health specialist who worked with traumatized veterans for more than two decades, spoke to the Rotary Club of Napa (California).The Central Virginia COVID-19 Response Fund, activated by the Central Virginia Community Foundation and Emergency Management Alliance, provided rapid support to community organizations and public agencies that met the needs of individuals and families most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The COVID-19 Response Fund was the first activation of a regional emergency management and disaster response fund established through a partnership between the Community Foundation and the Central Virginia Emergency Management Alliance. After the Pathway Home tragedy, Napa club members continued to raise funds for veterans and created a guide describing ways Rotary clubs can help those experiencing homelessness in Central Virginia.

The Central Virginia Rotary Club is committed to helping those in need and has many programs available to assist people experiencing homelessness in Central Virginia. From housing relocation services to rental assistance programs, they are devoted to providing support and resources to those who need it most. The Central Virginia Rotary Club is dedicated to making a difference in their community by providing assistance to those who are struggling with homelessness. They offer housing relocation services, rental assistance programs, and other resources that can help people get back on their feet. By working together with local non-profit organizations and public agencies, they are able to provide much needed support during times of crisis. The Central Virginia Rotary Club is an invaluable resource for those facing homelessness in Central Virginia.

With their commitment to helping those in need, they are making a positive impact on their community.

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