The Central Virginia Rotary Club: Making a Difference in the Community

The Rotary Club is a global network of volunteers who are passionate about making a difference in the world. From providing aid to refugees to helping rebuild homes after natural disasters, the Rotary Club is committed to tackling the world's most pressing problems. In Central Virginia, the Rotary Club has been working hard to support local initiatives that make a real impact on the community. One of the most successful initiatives in Central Virginia is the Learning Circles program, started by Susan. This program provides tutoring for preadolescent girls in two Boys and Girls Clubs in the area.

The program is run in partnership with the Charlottesville Youth League and has been a great success. Butch has been a member of the Blue Ridge Mountains Rotary Club since 1995 and has served as president. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Virginia offer a range of nationally recognized programs that address some of today's most pressing youth issues, such as poverty, education, and health. Rotary clubs have also collaborated to help Puerto Ricans rebuild their homes and lives after Hurricane Maria. Rotary and Rotaract clubs in Europe and around the world are working with local members to provide information, transportation, medical equipment, and shelter to refugees. Ernie is a member of several organizations in Central Virginia, including the Charlottesville-Albemarle Bar Association, the Virginia State Bar Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Virginia Gators swimming club, and ParaDerest, a veterans services organization. He has served as an officer in Post 1827 and as president of the board of directors for ParaDerest. The Central Virginia Rotary Club is committed to making a difference in its local community.

Through its various initiatives, it is helping to improve the lives of those in need and create a better future for everyone.

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