What is Rotary Club Famous For? A Comprehensive Guide

Rotary is an international organization of business professionals and entrepreneurs who are committed to providing humanitarian services, upholding high ethical standards in all vocations, and promoting peace and goodwill around the world. Each Rotary club is autonomous, so the practice of presenting a prayer or invocation at meetings is left up to the traditions and customs of each club, as long as it respects the religious convictions and beliefs of all members and visitors. The popularity of Rotary quickly spread across the United States in the following decade, with clubs being founded from San Francisco to New York. The Matching Grants program is a major part of The Rotary Foundation and encourages clubs to take on international service projects in other parts of the world.

Rotary clubs also place special emphasis on programs that serve children and young people.

Expanding Your Club's Connections with the World

You can expand your club's connections with the world by creating a sister club relationship, collaborating with other clubs and partner organizations on service projects, or organizing a visit to Open World. With more than 46,000 Rotary and Rotaract clubs around the world, you'll always have a friend in Rotary wherever you go. Many clubs use this opportunity to launch an international community service activity or connect with a Rotary club in another country.

It's also a great time to start a Rotary scholarship exchange, a three-year project that supports PolioPlus and other programs of The Rotary Foundation.

Helping Older People in Your Community

Rotary clubs are also looking for ways to help older people in their community who may be facing health problems, loneliness, poor nutrition, transportation difficulties, inability to perform usual tasks, loss of family associations, reduced recreational opportunities, inadequate housing, and limited information about social agencies that can provide emergency assistance. The district governor is an experienced Rotarian who volunteers their time for leadership for one year. They visit club leaders as an advisor and counselor to promote the Goal of Rotary among clubs in the district and act as a catalyst to strengthen Rotary programs.

Some clubs even hold all or part of their meetings online for members who have busy schedules or limited mobility.

Interact Clubs

Every Interact club must be sponsored and supervised by a Rotary club and must plan annual projects to serve its school, community, and the world. In 1922, Admiral Richard Byrd, a member of the Rotary Club of Winchester, Virginia, carried a small Rotary flag over the South Pole. It didn't take long for Rotarians to realize that warm personal friendship is the foundation of every great Rotary club.

You can also work with an international committee to carry out international service projects, develop a twin-club relationship, or organize a Rotary friendship exchange between two international districts.

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