Making a Difference: Events Hosted by Central Virginia Rotary Club

The Central Virginia Rotary Club is a vibrant organization that is committed to making a difference in the lives of those around them. From pastry sales to school board meetings, the club is dedicated to providing support and resources to the community. They collaborate with other Rotary clubs and organizations to support international projects and provide grants for educational projects in Ghana. The club hosts an annual pastry sale at Southside Senior Citizens Inc.

in Charlie Hope, Virginia. The sale starts at 8 in the morning and donations are accepted. Those interested can contact Eloise Gholson at 434-848-3593 for more information. The club also holds regular Mecklenburg County School Board meetings, which are open to the public.

The Central Virginia Rotary Club also organizes group study teams from other countries in collaboration with their Rotary District. They raise funds for the Rotary International Annual Fund, the polio eradication program, and donate shelter boxes for disaster victims. Additionally, they support teams of doctors traveling to India to treat children surgically. The club also participated in Rotary International's WASH grant to provide access to drinking water and sanitation to a rural school in Guangaje (Ecuador).

The club sponsors luncheons with the Southern Virginia Motorcycle Club to thank veterans for their service to the country. In addition, they collaborate with local Rotary clubs and UVA Engineering on drinking water and sanitation projects in Africa led by Rotarians and representatives of the University of Virginia. The Central Virginia Rotary Club also participates in local projects such as ringing Salvation Army bells, cleaning up the Rivanna River between Darden Towe and Riverview parks, and setting up benches and planting shrubs in McIntire Park. The Central Virginia Rotary Club is open to people of all cultures and ethnicities, and is not affiliated with any political or religious organization.

Potential members are sponsored by a current club member and approved by the board of directors and club members.

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